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Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Michael's Jacaranda, Kula 2006

22x30 Acrylic on Location

21 pigments; White, Hansa yellow, yellow medium, Indian yellow, cad orange, Magenta Pr122, Naples yellow, yellow ocher, Red oxide, Bt. sienna, raw umber, burnt umber, purple dioxine, ult blue, cobalt blue, thalo blue, Thalo green both blue and yellow side, green gold.

This painting will make a set of 3 giclee cane houses on different parts of the island, here in Kula, and the Lahaina Cane House , and Tom's house in Nahiku.

Today, 4-26-06 I started painting. First a charcoal drawing, then light washes useing only PR122 magenta, PB15.3 Thalo blue and some transparent yellow PY143 acrylic that I made because of the fact that no acrylic manufacture is making a true transparent yellow yet.

It was after I was finished for the day I saw with side lighting that I hadn't given the panel a final sanding after the last coat of gesso.

I lost the first day's drawing image.

Since I am into reproducing my painting on my new 52" wide plotter.. I know the hard work it is to take out small shadows caused by uneven paint or under paint. It's a pre-press image workout. So.. I sanded the panel and removed a good part of the paint. Not so much that my drawing and pattern colors were lost, just enough to get it smooth.

I'm going to have a dark sky, the blue-purple jacaranda blooms show up strikingly against a darkened sky.


By the end of the 2nd day it looked like this

I'm adding a light sky to the dark sky. By the end of the third day it was here.

day 3 Day 4

Day 5, it rained a little so the WindBrella umbrella came in handy. Another 8 to 5. My main brush today was a round furrule flat end sable #5 Langnickle.

I moved the chair. First I sanded area clean and smooth, then painted the whole area white, twice. This is what the chair looked like sanded and after 3 hours.

The new chair.

Day 6

1. Acrylics can be removed by applied layers if you are careful, I often wet and remove 10 to 15 minute old layers. In moist locations I have removed the previous day's work in some areas. It is much easier to do on smooth surfaces.
2. Nothing beats the acrylic glazing power of Syn. Transparent Indian Yellow (brown side) by Zecchi in Florance dry pigment. Mix this dry pigment with acrylic medium and tube it. 2013, Today it's available.
3. Always sand your panel gesso layers, three layers are good.
4. Don't let rain drops hit the painting while your painting.
5. Indian yellow transparent (brown side) mixed with ultramarine blue will replace Hooker's Green. When I'm painting with a full palette, Indian yellow is mostly used as a glaze. It will also make make orange's and red's when mixed with magenta (PR122).
6. Transparent green gold and transparent purple make burnt umber hue, when white is added it becomes yellower. Like a cool Naples yellow. Ultramarine blue and green gold can be lightened to a green oxide hue.

Day 8

Day 8, 5-2-6, This is Kealohi, she's 5.

Day 9, I had to move the tree trunk to the right. Draw it in with chalk, dust it off with a feather and paint the new tree in twice with jar white. Paint in the tree, then cover the old tree area with white and match it to the background.

The tree was moved by noon, the rocks below the stairs are done, I finished the chair and put the red leaved tree behind it. On the left side I've started to make shapes. the shape patterns are outlined in chalk, I'm ready for tomorrow.

Day 10. It rained today, another workout for my umbrella. Today I worked the lower left portion. there is very little distance between the object's viewing planes here. For them to show distance between them I have to add aerial perspective.

I made big choices and the local background patterns are set for a morning workout. After this area there will be just the top third to do and the little tree at the bottom right. There are a lot of bare spindly branches to add. I need one more rainy day.

Day 11,
I missed yesterday's photo because of the rain and wind. A lot of work was done since the last photo, 16 hours. The tree on the right is coming along, I had to wait until the clouds were overcast enough not to have any shadows. The bougainvillea area shape's changed because of the weight of the rain. Tomorrow may be the finishing day.

Well it rained hard again today, the colors are now taking on the wet look, really saturated colors.

This picture is of the rainy set-up. Everything fits under the 5" umbrella just fine.

This is a green workout to be sure. Thalo green mixed with either, ult blue, Thalo blue, green gold, lemon yellow, medium yellow, Naples yellow, orange, red, burnt sienna, raw umber, burnt umber, purple or magenta.

Today I started working contrasts and simplifying, cleaning edges as I pasted by them, the right tree is almost finished, and work in progress 'defining the patterns in the foreground bush'.

I also painted more of the branches in the tree. It's getting more flowers every day and green is sprouting all over.

Day 13, 9AM to 6:30PM.

-Added more branches in the jacaranda tree, put an Indian yellow wash in the foreground, tightened up the building.

It was a nice cloudy day today.

Day 14, I started with the painting upside down for a half hour. Errors were corrected using a dark cool green made with ultramarine blue and Indian yellow. Green gold and ult blue would work if I didn't have my homemade Indian yellow.

The far background was redone to recede more.

It was a nice day today, I didn't get a lot of work done because my van had a water hose leak which took some time to fix. That broke my painting rhythm. Tomorrow I have to finish and head back to Lahaina. I'll pick up a couple sheets of ampersand masonite and have them cut to the painting's size, 22x30. This is what I plan on doing. I'll shoot the image with my 8.5 MP camera, dividing it into nine. Then splice the nine images togather. I'll also scan the image nine times and splice them togather. The sharpest final image will be used to print a 22x30 giclee.

A funny thing happened today, the grass was cut and I had to change the area I was working on. No big thing, the paintings just a little different now.

Jacaranda 2006
I'm changing the century plants size (by 10%) and placement, I'm having too much fun, even though I am supposed to return today I made these changes. I used the same routine, sand the area with 400 wet-dry sandpaper (dry), paint the area white and add the new image.
I'm looking at the new painting's photo in this web page right now and can't say I made the right choice by changing the century plant, the old one looked just fine.

I'm committed now. I didn't add any color because they would have been wrong. The morning light from 7am to 9am will be close to the stormy sky because the house is in the mountain's shadow. That's the plan anyway.

Day 17, Finished, 22x30 aceylic

By 7:00 this morning I was painting. By 9:00 the sun was on the century plant, it was finished! I could sign it and get back to Lahaina. It was a great vacation here at Mike's house in Kula, 1,900 feet, so it was a little nippy at night and I needed a jacket half of the day. 17 days, 150 hours. Architecture always takes so long.

Jacaranda, Kula, Maui, acrylic painting, 22x30

Day 17, Finished.

Jacaranda, Kula, Maui, acrylic painting, 22x30

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