Painting on Location

Jacaranda Season - 2005

1st Jacaranda Season at Michael's (Mike's) House
(2) Mastic and Wax, (1) Acrylic & (2) W/C
Don Jusko

wood panel linen covered
or Arches cold pressed paper

5-10-5, Tuesday, 1:00 to 5:00. I did most of this paintings layout with an 1.5" black house painting brush, I want to pick up speed. Tomorrow afternoon, after the Kula Lodge Jacaranda painting, I'll add the branches of the foreground tree.

TIP: Schevening Blue Light is a strong opaque tint of cyan hue. I used it in this sky.

Mastic and wax media
5-11-5, I think I can finish tomorrow, a bristle fan brush and liner are helping a lot.

Mastic and wax medium

Well I thought I could finish today, I am having fun, and I just started another one just a mile away from here. No hurry.. Here are days 3 and 4. Tomorrow I'll work on the tree branches and get my time right on the main tree. The suns position effects the color of the jacaranda.

Mastic and wax medium Mastic and wax medium

Day four, finished. #933, 5-14-5, 15x22, mastic and wax, Jacaranda Valley Brush.

Mastic and wax medium

5-12-5, Thursday, 7:00 to 12:00. This is an 11x15 mastic and wax painting on the first day.

I arrived on location at 6:30 this morning. It took about 4 minutes to set up because I'm painting from my drivers seat on the steering wheel. I pre-made a jig to hold my paintings at the right viewing and painting angle on the wheel. It holds my computer too, like right now, 4,500 feet up on the mountain working off my solar powered battery.

Big Country, small jacaranda
This is the second morning. The clouds covered the sky quickly today and I want a sun spot edge 100 yards in front of me.

I never really got to the big trees on the left and right sides.

day 2, 6:30

Well I thought I was finished, but I forgot to put the center of the road reflectors.Today was sunny and I didn't get the road in sun and shadow.

day 3

I put the road reflectors in and the curve turn sign.
I think I'm done. Caution! This is a scratchable medium. #932, 5-14-5, Mastic & Wax, Mountain King

day 4

Sunday, May 15th, 2005, Acrylic Painting
#946, Mike's Jacaranda House in Lower Kula

I started the drawing for a 22x30 painting of my friend Mike Macrillis's house and jacaranda tonight with a 1 inch w/c flat, in watercolor.

The medium I'm going to use is acrylics. I've never used w/c on acrylic panel before but I got it laid out in an hour.

Tomorrow I will try to lighten all the colors before adding the acrylic. I did catch the evening colors quickly and that's better than just a black and white drawing. The water colors stuck pretty good to the acrylic gesso.

Mike's 2005
I washed down the painting with water and a sponge but maybe only half of the color came off. That's Ok, I decided on oil, you can make oil paint as thick and opaque as you want. The medium I'm using is stand oil 50%, cold pressed 20%, raw linseed oil 20%, 10% Venetian balsam. That will give it a tough gloss. Very different from the wax and mastic.

The main brush in this lay out is a 1" hog bristle flat and an 1.5 inch hog bristle fan brush to blend with. This is an evening, 5:00 painting. The colors pass very fast about this time, I had to jump around to catch all I could.

day 2 jacaranda oil

Tuesday, May 17th, it's coming along just fine, but I'm only getting 2 hours of good color.

day 3 Jacaranda oil painting

It's Wednesday already.. Time does fly when you're having fun. I moved the time to 6:00, and changed the shadows.

day 3 Jacaranda oil painting

Thursday it rained in the afternoon, Friday wasn't much better. This is what it looked like Saturday evening, 5-21-05.

I got the left side tree in, put more magenta in the sunlit side of the trees flowers, the rain made the tree full again.

There is still a lot of work to do on the banana trees on the right.

day 5 Jacaranda oil painting

Today I'm going to test a new green earth that's mined in Tabasalu, Estonia, the material is mined as a water conditioning agent and the firm wants to know if they should sell it as an artists pigment. At one time there were many green earths, from yellow side to blue side. This one is on the blue side. It may be thee color to lay out with.

Yesterday was my 64th birthday. I'm a Taurus-Gemini cusp with 6 planets in line with my sun. That means I'm the richest man on earth. Last night I went to Maui's first night Polo Game of the season.

Maui, Night Polo

It was cloudy right up to 5:30 tonight, my painting time came and the clouds went.

clouds went
This evening was good color, I had 15 minutes to get the 6:30 light, at 6:45 sun went behind the West Maui mountains.

6:45 Pm

Day 9, Finished! This painting is on my wall today, 2014.

Oil painting

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005, Water Color.
Jacaranda and Two Cyprus Trees
22x30 water color on Arches Rough, #300

This is an 8:00 to 12:00 painting. First wet the paper.and wait for the sheen, then paint until it's dry, then re-wet the paper and again paint until it's dry again.

I have to tone down the sky. I should do it under running water with a sponge because after it's dry watercolors won't move easily.

Of all the browsers, Safari is the best for reproducing color on the computer, imo.

Day 2,

Tomorrow I need some big unifying strokes and I may have to remove some colors, I painted too far into the afternoon.

My friend UG, that's how she spells it, painted with me today. She likes the blade. UG and I are in the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii group.

UG lastname
I got on location at 7:00 and started throwing big paint on. I got the early hour colors and now I feel better.

day 3

Maybe one more day. I'm getting a lot of the morning colors in, painted around the barbed wire, caught the shadows on the posts. It's still not full of the morning contrasts I want.

day 4

It was nice this morning and got this one finished. Now I'm off to the second w/c.

5-20-05, Jacaranda's at the Waldorf School
15x22 Watercolor, Arches cold pressed. #935, 5-24-5
This makes 3 paintings on the easel at the same time, an 8AM to 10Am, a 10AM to 1PM in the clouds,
and my sunny evening 22x30 painting with 6:00 light.

It was raining in the morning so I started a new cloudy day water color. I worked around the pencil lines, making the patterns without touching the lines, so I could erase them. Once the pencil line is wet and dry, it won't move.

Waldorf School Jacarandas
This first day got a lot laid out. I decided to apply the jacaranda groups of flowers in first and work around and to them. This being a transparent water color and all.

Day 2, it rained and I painted, it got cloudy and I painted. Tomorrow will be the bigger brush day, I hope. Bigger is a size #36.

The #9 W/N Series 7 is really the best brush in the world, worth every penny if you paint a lot. Always pull the brush, hold it as upright as possible for tight work, lay it down for stroking, this will wear the side hairs and keep the point longer. I'll bet its a dollar per hair.

Day 2, I tested the very translucent green earth on this water color. I had no gum arabic with me so I used sugar as the glue after I ground the pigment. A+ so far, now I'll paint into it. Notice how cool the color is in the background trees and how much lighter it dried where there was not much binder in the paint. The middle background trees, opposed to the darker tree on the left with more binder.
Normaly the binder is gum aribic and honey not sugar.

Day 3, I added color to the green earth, finished the school building and added more to the foreground tree. I beefed up the ground where all the fallen flowers are laying. I want to finish it tomorrow, some art supplies arrived in Lahaina that I have to pick up and that's 3 hours away. There is so much to do, I just don't know if I can do it all.

The pigment paints opaque or translucently. Notice in the foliage how a thin layer of green earth has lightened and dulled down the bright ultramarine blue shadow color in the middle short bush trees of the painting. Very nice, I feel you have a winner Andres.


Day 4. Finished, A+ for the translucent green earth.

Not only did I use it in the background trees as the local color, but also to tone down the applied ult blue shadows.

As soon as I finished this one I rushed to Mike's Jacaranda, I have to finish both of them today.

P.S. I'm cleaning all my web pages this month, 12-7-13, I stopped smoking about two months ago when I bought one of those Ecigs. Now a local store sells the oil emulsion that it burns without any nicotine. Not that anyone can't get it with nicotine but I don't need it. Smoking has nothing to do with nicotine, that's a myth. I'm saving $600 a month. If inhaling mist water is a down side, it should be coloidal silver water, than it would be a positive.

In the morning I'm going back to Lahaina to pick up my new umbrella and Old Holland's
three Indian Yellow watercolors, green/side, brown/side and orange/side.
Plus grind with my glass muller some Translucent Green Earth Blue/side tubes in oil and acrylic.
I'm painting on my "Two Canons, Courthouse, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii" acrylic in Lahaina.

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