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Painting on Location
Acrylic Colors

Piiholo Ranch Pavilion, Makawao, Maui

#1003, Acrylic, 11x15, 9-21-14 Start

It took me an hour to find a subject. Four hours to draw it.

Tomorrow there is a rodeo here at 9am, we will both be here. I have the drawing done and have to add the color. Just like in nature, there are no lines separating objects. This is where the "big blur" comes into play. When two objects have the same value the colors sometimes can blend together.

outline drawing  day one paint

The drawing as an outline was finished on the 1st day. The outline was done with Bt. Senna on top of charcoal. I could have used turpentine on top of the charcoal but bt. Senna seemed a better choice. I painted on the 2nd day, the wheel took most of the time, the spokes had to be widened. I went back to finish up on the third day but a food distributer beat me to the spot and I didn't get to finish.
Above is Day 3 &4, 12-7-14, it took awhile to set up, I got new paints and the palette was bare. Plus it's been 2 months and I had to re-position everything. Day 4 is what I painted off location on the Piiholo Rodeo painting. I didn't add any new colors, just gray and I straightened up the edges for the next day.

Tomorrow I start another new painting at Mary Lynn's new place in Lower Haiku, Upper Haiku is right next to Makawao heading down. After you get to the Hana Highway you turn left at the next street and keep on going down for another 2 miles on a dirt road.
I had a problem with Mary Lynn's painting too. There were a lot of Mosquitos where I chose to paint, I got some Mosquito spray on my canvas, the oil in it stopped the water based acrylic paint from sticking. I had to wash the whole canvas down with soap and water, that removed the drawing. Below is Day 5 and the white-out getting ready for the next session..

day four paint, 10 to 3    White-out finished

Below is Day 6, 11 am to 3 pm, I still don't have 100% coverage. It's the foliage that's taking my time. All the spokes have to get wider, a lot of work is still to be done on the wheel.

day six paint, 10 to 3  day 7 paint 11 to 3

Day 7, above, 12-30-14, 11 am to 2 pm, It got windy but I got a lot done. The holes in the metal bull are too dark. My van is almost finished, this was a faster place to park. I got rid of the white spaces before I got on location. Everything was right where I left it. Just getting the wheel finished was a job, architecture always takes a lot of time. When I was driving home I saw a girl pointing out my van, I guess she liked the colors, me too. It's been that way for more then 25 years.
1-1-15, Happy New Year, 2-7-15, On 2-5-15 I paid $609 to have my van interior lights all working, my high beams still need a switch, my horn went on instead. Same thing happened on 1-28-15

Day 8, 1-10-15, I got in another day on location. I painted the wagon wheel, my van and the horse trailer and still have only 80% paint on the canvas.
Day 9, 1-16-15, 11:30 am to 3:00 pm. The yellow is finished and the second saddle has a new coat of paint.
Day 10, 1-30-15, 11 to 2 pm, more on the saddle, building and trees. No photo.

2-15-15, We haven't had two sunny days in a row for a while. I did finish Polly's, that's one out of the way. All I had to finish was the road's wire shadows, only one wire wasn't in yet, and the sign.

Day 11, 2-17-15, 2 to 4 pm, I left the house and it was sunny. An hour later it was cloudy. I know the building's roof color is wrong but it was just a light undercoat.
Day 12, 2-18-15, 10 to 3 pm. I added the morning shadows and changed the colors to match the morning colors. In the last part the day I moved to catch the red tea plants in the sun, I got the undertone colors.

Now the painting has 100% coverage, I'm at least half way finished, maybe more. Tom booth visited me, he will come back again next week before leaving for Seattle again.

Day13, 2-26-15, 10 am to 3 pm. I was planning to paint yesterday but it was too windy. Today wasn't windy but clouds came in when I got there. I painted a lot but didn't get a lot finished. The next day might be the last day. Two weeks is a long time, spread the two weeks over 6 months and you get a real long time. The ti leaves and the pavilion are next. The ti plants are not even close to the way they started. There is one plant less and all the leaves have changed.


Day14, 3-3-15, Another day, down the drain. When I left to paint this morning it was sunny, when I arrived on the set it started to rain. I need the sun to paint the ti leaves. I like the painting's resting place where the foreground grass meets the middle ground grass. I just needs the post in the building to join with the building. Maybe there is no line, it will just be the change of colors in the grass. The building is the wrong color, but I wanted to see what it would look like as brown. I'm still waiting for my van's light switch to arrive, it's been three months. If I were still driving and living in my van I would have just driven out of the rain and painted. I should start an "in-house" still life but there is so much happening on the political scene...

I finished this acrylic #1003.

3-17-15, Six months from 9-21-14, there was a lot of down time to be sure. It took a month to get the ti plants colors. The blend of cool tinted yellow-green light for the distant weeds, the gentle slope of the hill rising up.

Red, Green and Blue are the secondary triadic system in paint. They are the primary colors in light, these are the major the colors of this painting. There were two white areas, that made me happy.
The wagon wheel was a bear. My cousin's '57 Corvette had a grill on it that was tough too.

I truly Don't like translucent colors. Utterly useless. I was forced to use this one. Unlike in oils we have opaque cinnabar yellow-green. Here I'm stuck using 3 coats of translucent yellow-green to make it a solid color.

Finished Piiholo Rodeo

5-14-15, I just want you all to know. It rained a lot in March on Maui. Most everyday in April, and every day in May. What's with this weather? It was 65 this morning and raining, 70 at 1:49pm. This is supposed to be spring-summer weather?

Christophe Cardot, an RCW teacher is here from Florida, we are both painting here at the ranch.

Christophe day 1

Christophe's painting in 2 hours. Notice his use of oranges, reds, umbers and ochers mixed into the Thalo Green.
Here are colors that can be mixed into transparent Thalo Green to match the greens in nature.
Purple, Magenta, Indian Red, Red, Orange, Yellow, Umber, Sienna, Ocher, Cobalt Blue, Ult. Blue & Cyan.
Any color is tinted lighter by adding white. Darks are made by adding the oposite color.

Christophe, day 2 with students

Christophe's painting on the second day, the leaves in the tree are farther along now.

This is Peter Baldwin, he runs the place.

Peter Baldwin

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