Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque
Yellow Oxide
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale
Painting on Location

5 "New" Old Painting Added

From Hana as North East end, to the barren South East end, is called the back side of Maui and the clement and vista are exquisite.

I'm at my friends house with the artist Tom Booth here in Nahiku, 15 minutes North of Hana. Nahiku near Hana is the wettest inhabitable spot on Maui. Hana is in the North East part of Maui, Piero Resta's View painting next is closer to the South East. The two paintings span from the wettest jungle area to the driest desert area on Maui.

Because it is so wet here at Tom's a unique tree grows called a Rose Apple Tree, it can put its roots under a stream bed and thrive. The fruit is a small round mostly hollow one that has a lavender taste like that French lavender colored candy. Here's a small table decoration I painted that shows two pale yellow rose apples with red strawberry guava sitting in half a a coconut. #852

Transparent yellow-green dual-toned 36RCW#36.6 really comes in handy when the foliage is always wet and the bright sun through the leaves colors the mid-shadows with this warm yellow-green

After painting the driveway painting I cleaned my brush and palette by painting this same scene on the inside of my oil paint brush box. I am really fast by 6-8-95, #804, 26x20, it's an odd size for me as I usually paint on 22x30 cut in half and half and half. The Previous painting, my latest that I'm still working on is only #967 and will take me another week in my studio location.

This painting of Tom's Driveway with Rose Apple Trees is painted with alkyd oil, a very fast, crawl all over it in three hours media. I have to say I like painting with it. Media Table page.

1-1-2, #844,

The kitchen view in Tom's house has just the right lighting on it and my acrylics are ready. It didn't take long to paint after the drawing was made. This is a nice example of complements next to each other. Yellow and blue is the main complement, magenta and green and purple next to yellow-green with a touch of cyan and red. Not to forget black (dark neutral mixed color) next to white.

Water color paper tests and rateings.

I had been painting the "hearts" up here in the back-side of Maui for a few weeks. There are 13 of them and I haven't made web pages of them yet it's enough to just keep the painting and the web pages current. Here is the first and main "Heart in Hana". It's not visible most of the time, the clouds have to be just right. Kaupo is about 35 miles to the left.

Kaupo View from Piero's House, 6-17-03, #902, Water Color, Arches Cold Pressed, 30x22

Piero Resta and I have been friends for 35 years, we paint very differently as he is a non-representational artist but we both work hard at what we do. He's good at fresco, makes his own acrylic paints, he's always a good stopping place as I drove around the island painting. He was on the other side of the Haliakala mountain for a long time. A lot of my paintings are around Piero's life, and Tom's life. This water color is of the back side of the East Maui mountains from Piero's Villa Tameranda, Kaupo, Maui (a two week painting by itself). I saw the colors of fire in the foreground giant bromeliad and knew this was the magic spot to paint from.

http://www.wikihow.com/Use-the-Real-Color-Wheel, new window.

CMYK Real Color Wheel

RGB Real Color Wheel

This CLICKABLE chip color map below shows the true opposition pigment colors for mixing neutral darks on my color wheel.
It will be the new "basic" color wheel because the color oppositions are accurate.
Use my revolutionary color wheel, replace your old color wheel now.
The old Red-Blue-Yellow and Yellow-Magenta-Cyan plain color wheels are inaccurate, for any artist.

Blockx Yellow Cobalt Old Holland Gamboge Lake Ex. Syn. O.H. Indian Yellow Brown Lake Syn. Rembrandt Asphaltum Syn, very oily Burnt Umber Mussini Zinc Yellow, the coolest yellow. No link Bocour Cad Yellow Lead Chromate Grumbacher Cad Barium Yellow Pale Mussini Naples Yellow Light, Nickle Titanium O.H. Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Syn. Dual-tone Mussini Raw Umber Blockx Baryum Yellow, very weak O.H. Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Syn. Mussini Naples Yellow Deep Yelow Raw Ocher Mussini Trans Yellow Oxide Green Earth Green Gold Nickel Azo Sap Green Syn. dual-tone Green Umber Earth Green Oxide W/N Flesh Burnt Sienna Rewmbrandt Chinese Vermilion syn. O.H. Yellow Green Organic Mussini Cad. Yellow Lemon Mussini Cad yellow Middle Rembrandt Chinese Vermilion Syn Blockx Venation Opaque Warm Red Oxide Cadmium Orange Cadmium Barium Red Light Permanent Green Light Grumbacher Phthalo Green Light Mussini Opaque Green Light Mussini Phthalo Green Turquoise, Rembrandt Blue Green Cadimium Bayrum Red Light Rembrandt Red Rose Rose Madder, Yarka Garance Violet Grumbacher Thalo Blue, Old Holland Manganese Blue O.H. Scheveninge BLue Light Opaque D.Smith Quinacridone Magenta pr122 Cobalt Violet Transparent, Cool Magenta Dual-tone Cobalt Blue Light Mussini Royal Blue Light Blockx French Ult. Bue Ultramarine Violet Dioxazine Purple Mussini Royal Blue Deep Ultramarine Deep Ultramarine Light Dioxazine Purple tints cool

Colored pencils mounted on the Real Color Wheel, free blank color wheel
Tube Oil Colors matching the RCW

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