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Bellini Lemon Yellow
Rublev Natural Colors

RCW = (Real Color Wheel)
36RCW (number of colors)
RCW#1= 36RCW#1to36= (pure color)
RCW#1-1.= Lemon Yellow to RCW#1-7. = Indian Yellow brw/side
RCW#1-1.0= 2nd number is 0=full chroma to a desaturated dark RCW#1.9
RCW#1-1.10 is Black, Dark Neutral
RCW#1.0.5= 3rd number is .1=cool, .9=warm
RCW#01= (color tint=2numbers, 01.09= lightest tint)

Lead Chromate, Opaque, 36RCW#1.01.5, YYYY, PY34
The double digit middle number means it's a tint,
A single digit is a shade color.
.05 is in the middle of the tint range.
The 3rd number is the warm/cool value, .5 is the middle value.

Rublev Colours by Natural Pigments first introduced Chrome Yellow Primrose and white as an artist oil paint in August 2010, and today, Dec 2013, introduced Chrome Yellow Light and Chrome Yellow Medium. These chrome yellows and white in Rublev Artists Oil Colours encapsulate the pigment so it's lightfast and resistant to acids and alkalis. Van Gogh should have used them, today his light chrome yellows are turning brown.

Bellini Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate, Opaque,
Mussini Ultramarine Light or Dark, Translucent
Yellow's complement, rcwA1ultblue.htm

The opposite color of yellow is Ultramarine Blue, a translucent pigment.

Bellini Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate, Opaque, is a calcined lead white.
It is very dense, permenant and opaque. This is the coolest full chroma Yellow available in oil paint.
Cooler than Hansa yellow and much more opaque. Natural Pigments has encapsulated light yellow lead pigments so they won't darken like Van Gogh's did.

Find this color on a real color wheel.

Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate. Its modern dry chip color replacement is not opaque, translucent Hansa Arylide Yellow. 7-5-13, Natural Pigments wrote: Modifications to the original form of the pigment discovered in the middle of the twentieth century now make it lightfast and resistant to change.

To make the darkest neutral dark color mixtures, at least one of the two colors must be transparent. As in the Cadmium Red and Thalo Cyan Blue opposition. Two opaque colors won't mix dark as with Cadmium Orange and Cobalt Blue.

To mix a neutral dark with yellow opaque is impossible.
You must use the dark hue of this yellow color, translucent Burnt Umber. Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue mix to a neutral dark. Tint any neutral dark color for a full range of neutral grays.

Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque
Yellow Oxide
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale

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