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Painting on Location

Piero Resta, Villa Tamarinda Parking Lot, Kaupo, Maui

Acrylic on Location, 22x15 on panel, #974, 12-4-10

Piero is combining all the arts.

The name of this project is "76 Days, Visions and Revolutions".
There are 13 artists here today working, tonight and tomorrow, we will laugh and feast.

Piero's linking logo.

Day 1 photo,
Day 1 view  Piero Resta, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

Day 1, 10-22-10, It was a nice day but very windy and windy made it cold for me. When the paint is dry I draw the next layer with white chalk. Thanks for the photos Nathalie Vaglio, www.existencedesign.com
Day 1 cold windy day, Kaupo Maui

Day 2, It only takes a few minutes for the sun to move enough to have no light on the side of the facing wall changing to the stones lit up. I'm not sure which way I want to go yet. The next time I get to work on this painting will be a few weeks away. Concidering how the sun won't be in the same place for another year, I'm not sure what I"ll be working with. This bright pink bougainvillea was painted with Opera pigment, here are links to those paintings.
Opera 1 Opera 2
Day 2 van Piero Resta, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

Day 2 painting Piero Resta, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

Day 3 ended in rain, How was I to know this was the last day of dried grass for the winter. I should have called it finished.

Day 3 painting Piero Resta, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

Day 2 view rain, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

Days 4, 5 & 6 the second session one month later.
11-Sat18-10 Something incredible happened on the way to Kaupo. It was a light thing. I left at 4:30PM. About 6:45 it was getting dark and I saw a commotion up ahead. Cars were stopped at the Mona Loa gulch. A flash flood had happened and cars couldn't get across the stream. I had been in this situation before. Rain in the mountains causes this to happen even if it's not raining here in the flatland. A few years ago I was leaving a wedding party from the Aloha Church, half of them made it and half of us were stranded for the night, I felt sorry for the one's with no place to sleep.

We sat and did nothing and the cars were piling up. Somebody had to walk across and test for depth. Along came a Hawaiian guy, sees the problem, walks in the stream, picks up a 50 pound rock, holds it over his head and tosses it to the side. Saved! I was the first to drive across because my van has big tires. No problem. Slow and easy, easy is the key word. I cross and a flow of cars followed behind me. Now it was dark and this is what I want to tell you about. Near Kaupo there is a nice stretch of paved road. In front of me there was the left half the road in a puddle the right half dry. The moon was full. The puddle side had the moon's sky reflection which made the water a bright cobalt blue color. The dry side was lit by my headlights, a bright light yellow-orange color. The colors were opposite and so very strong in contrast. If it were photographed in black and white they would have probably been the same color gray. The values were the same.

I approached what I was seeing and the drive continued. 15 minutes later at 10 miles per hour I was at Piero's gate and pulled into my level parking place. The grass was tall and GREEN. When I started this painting everything was dead grass yellow. Should I change it to the new green? I don't think so. We had supper, Italians are good cooks, watched a DVD movie, I had brought two of them, and crashed for the night.

It's the next morning now and I'm floored by the color change. I'll survive.. Maybe even add some long grass strokes, last month it was all cut and manicured, this week the green grass is almost nee high and the manicured yellow grass is gone.
That's the life of a location artist for you.

Day 6 one month later Don Jusko, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

Day 4 was the full moon of the next month and everything was very green. I tried to work with the problem by adding green in the foreground but it didn't look right, light didn't reflect the same as when the dominate color was yellow. I had to change this all back to dried grass if I wanted to keep the same building color. Which I do, it was the reason I chose this location.

Day 6 painting Piero Resta, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

Finished, It's yellow grass again. 11-20-10, now the three primary colors show up like they were supposed too.

Day 7 finished, Don Jusko, Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo Maui

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