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Painting on Location

Jackaranda Season 2011 Lower Kula Road

Kula, Maui, HI, 16x12, #976

Maui's upcountry trees are just blooming, April came in like a lion and left like a lamb.. then the lion came back.

I'm warming up with some small 5x7 watercolors using just the transparent primaries and flat sables. 5x7 on #300 paper is stiff enough to hold in your hand and paint. This first one is some flowers with no drawing, very free and loose, wet the paper on both sides, wait until the sheen is gone and paint. I'm getting used to the flat brush. Right off the bat I'm happy with my colors.

The second quick warm-up, the palm trees from my back porch. The third and forth are jacaranda, the only one blooming that I could find. The first was with a drawing, two hours later the sun had changed the colors and it was getting cloudy. The forth was no drawing, painted in the shade and it took 45 minutes.

4 5x7 wc

Day 1, 4-21-11 I was back on location the next day but this time at 8 AM so I could get 3 hours in before the light changed and the clouds came. I had planned on another 5x7 but left the small blanks at home, I had a 12x16 pad so I used it.

16x12 w/c on location, Kula, Maui, 4-21-11

Day 1 jacaranda w/c #975

Day 2, 8:15 AM to 10:30. The morning light jacaranda color is a magenta tint, the shadow colors are ultramarine blue. In the afternoon the local color is purple. Yesterday's colors were painted pale so I could make changes. Today I added a wash to darken the colors, two hours.
Day 3, 4-30-11, 8:00 AM to 9:45, Total = 5 hours, it's sunny and I want to finish today. I should have left more sparkles in this picture. The sky peeking through needs to either be scraped clean with a razor, Drummeled clean or use white paint and tint it the skys color. I ended up using all three, I forgot how easy it was to work with a Drummel.

16x12 w/c on location, Kula, Maui, 4-30-11, #975

Day 3 jacarandaFin w/c 4-30-11

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