Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber New window, Real Color Wheel in Pigments Permanent Green Light
Burnt Siennal
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque
Yellow Oxide
Green Gold Transparent
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale

Maui Color-in Book, A distant view of Kahakaloa Head, Maui, Hawaii
First dot, Painted on Location

11x14 acrylic, painted on this drawing using only the complementary colors Thalo Magenta and Thalo Green.
These are opposite complementary colors on the Real Color Wheel,
but not on the Basic color wheel being taught in art classes across the country.
They are being told that Red is the opposite color of Green and that is the official standing.
Spread the word, it's time for a big change in the teaching of color of fine art representational painting.
This is a new Real color wheel, try it.. you'll like it :)
Click the white dots to see two painted versions,

A distant view of Kahakaloa Head

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Aerial Perspective Palette
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