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Jacaranda Acrylic Painting 4-23-9

Makawao, Maui, Don Jusko

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Finished, 5-15-8, Don Jusko
The finished acrylic 11x15 on hot pressed Masonite covered with linen canvas, 5-15-8, #951

Day 1, 12:00 to 3:00, 4-23-8, #952
It's jacaranda season! This morning I arrived on site a block from my home. This is my first painting from my new home in Makawao. I love it. This is a 11x15 vertical of the Kula Post Office Jacaranda. It's the first on to bloom on Maui because it's the lowest one on the hill.

First the charcoal drawing.

Makawao Library Jacaranda Tree
Day 1,
Then the ink over with blue acrylic. Tomorrow I can start applying color. I'm not sure to the type of day or the cloud cover the painting will have but I did see a bright yellow shower tree in the background that showed up nicely with a dark sky. Lousy photo, it was burned out because of the bright white, I had to really bump it up to see the lines and now the white background doesn't look white.

Day3, 4-30-8,
I feel the building is right. I should have put in more flower areas but I didn't know that they were going to go downhill from that day on. I got 3 days in before the rains came.. and haven't been back since. The wind blew my umbrella from it's holder, it was bungied to a fire hydrogen. It hit me on the head on the way up and I got a black eye from it.. and.. stepped on my glasses while trying to grab it. I still think it was funny.

Day 4,

Now I have 2 paintings going, one at 9:00 and this one at 12:00.
When the paint is dry you can draw on the painting with white chalk, be sure to wipe it down with a feather to get the built up chalk off.

Day 5, I'm glad I got the color of the yellow shower tree and white spots where the flowers will be. Today is 5/9/08 it would be day 5. It is now 1:33 PM. I went to the painting after leaving Seabury and there was not a single flower on the tree, it was a very bright day, windy, the wind was just too strong. It's early enough in the season for the tree to come back, I hope.

Day 6, 5-12-8.
The flowers are gone but I went back anyway. The flowers turn blue in the shadow areas. I painted in the leaves, filled in the white spaces and the yellow shower tree. There are a lot of branches I want in there.

Day 7,

Day 8,

Indian yellow (home made from dry nickel complex PY:153 or PY:150) came in real handy adding yellow to some of the dark colors.

detail of yellow shower tree

The painting was finished on 5-25-8 but I would like to go back one more day before I add the final finish, to see if any people are hanging around to put sitting in front on the seat area.

Wouldn't you know it.. Life doesn't always go as planned, plans change..

Today is 10-18-8 and I'm just finishing this web page. I got caught up into working on my plotter and color wheel. I designed it again from scratch. Well, the design is the same but I started working in vector and making the color in code. It really is a better format but the learning curve was rough.

First I made everything printable at Kinko's, so a distributer anywhere in the country could print it locally. With that out of the way I wanted to do it all on my plotter. That's where I am now, I had to make profiles for the image and ink to convert the image that looks great on my monitor to one that would print great.

Today was a local event sidewalk sale and I attended it. It was the perfect oppertunity to finish my painting, with one hitch, I already printed it as a giclee. So I took a giclee to the event and painted in two people that didn't mind posing for me.

This is an embellished giclee Original painting

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