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Jackaranda Season 2011

"Jacaranda Upper Highway"

#976, Kula, Maui, HI, 15x11, acrylic on location

Maui's upcountry trees are just blooming, 5-11-11

5-11-11, #976, Day 1, 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Drew it in with charcoal, cobalt blue over charcoal, sky blended with my fingers. 100% coverage with local colors, That means I have a medium to light accurate color down, from here I can add highlights and shadows to the local color. I may be half finished.

Day1 acrylic jacaranda

5-13-11, Day 2, 12:00 AM to 5:30 PM. This was a clean up day, the weather was off, cloudy and 2 hours of rain. I got the road lines in, the guard rail and some smaller things. I tried to use the colors that were already there.

Day 2 jacaranda acryllic

5-15-11, Day 3, 8:00 AM to 12:15 PM. Beautiful day, I want the sun in the morning. I re-did most of the tree, first a coat of white as an eraser than paint in the change. It's a very powerful piece so far.
5-16-11, Day 4, 8:30 AM to 12:15 PM. Catch the 8 to 9 sun, 9 to 12 fill holidays (a navy term for holes/spaces), I had been using the wrong magnification glasses and switched to the close-up. 3Pm I found myself filling in the correction with white areas with the colors of now, without sun. I stopped but it was too late.

Day 4 jacaranda acryllic

5-18-11, Day 5, 8:05 to 12:00 PM, all the color is between 8 and 8:30. I have big errors in the branches, I whited out the area and painted in a matching sky. I have definitely changed this from an early afternoon to a morning painting.

5-19-11, Day 6, I left behind my "close up" glasses. Today I washed the road with a cooler color to match the morning. More white-out for tomorrow's new changes. I have to decide if the blue in the right railing is too blue, shadows in the morning are a yellow (dark yellow is brown) with a blue opposition and a wash if brown will neutrally darken it, that's the way shadows work. I've been saying for two days, "tomorrow it should be finished". Should I put a cyclist in? Maybe I can smooth out the road tonight. There is a fence in the right hand gully that I want to put in. The left peak on the mountain is where the new observatories are, it's called Red Hill.

Day 7, jacaranda acrylic

Julie Galeevia is painting with me, she has the gallery on the corner of Baldwin and Makawao Avenues. A few hundred yards from my appartment. That's my painting van studio behind her.

Julie Galeeva and my van

5-20-11, Happy 70th Birthday Don, Finished Jacaranda Upper Highway, acrylic, 15x11, #976

Day 8 Finished jacaranda acrylic

I need more painting panels to paint on, I'm running low.

I have some cut 1/8" hard pressed masonite, just round the corners, seal the back and sides with waterbased polyurathane and gesso the front as many times as necessary to see only white. Paint the sides first and last. My panel is without texture because I paint without texture. I'm making these panels: 3 = 5.5 x 7.5 - 5 = 7.5 x 11 - 5 = 11 x 15 - 6 = 15 x 22 - 3 = 22 x 30 and a store bought 24 x 36.  Masonite panels were unavailable when I made my last batch, today most suppliers make them.  It's much cheaper to make them yourself, with or without the added linen layer.

Started with the un-sanded cut panels at 9 AM, by 6 PM the backs were clear coated and the fronts had three coats of primer. In the morning I'll give them perhaps three more layers of gesso. Always light sand between layers, the final sanding will be done with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

It's the next day, 5-29-11 and I spent another 9 hours priming and sanding. 5-30-11, Today is the last day. I'm doing the (3) 22x30's today, the rest are finished.
That's 23 panels. I just bought some water/alcohol based casine fixative to go with my pastel gesso panels. I may put the two together. Most of them will be used for acrylics and oils.

Jacaranda Upper Road Kula
Kahakaloa Head background #979 Chem-trail, #980 JacaLiqShack

Start 6-8-11, 8:45. Sunny. End drawing in charcoal 9:45, The notations "P" & "G" are for the purple and green color patterns. The day was overcast early so I stopped.

Day 1, charcoal drawing

6-9-11, Day 2, 8:45. Partly Sunny. I put some color in when I could. Tomorrow I will decide if it will be a sunny or cloudy day painting. Maybe I'll have both in the same painting, that's always exciting.

Day 2

6-10-11, Day 3, 7:45. Sunny. I got the main shadows and colors in with a hog round.
Just when I was quitting at 10:30 I saw a chem-trail, it's in the painting.

They have been spraying everyday here on Maui for a while now. Last night it was just before sunset that chemtrails were laid. Comercial DVD movies have a lot of chem-trails also.

Day 3

6-11-11, Day 4, 7:45 to 10:45, Sunny. Made road darker, white corrections in tree (tomorrow I'll fill them in and put more branches in.

Day 4

6-12-11, Day 5, 7:45 to 10:45, Partly Sunny. No photo image

6-12-11, Day 6, 10 to 1:30, Partly Sunny, very windy. I worked on the background then finished filling in the jacaranda flowers, worked on the road and lines, corrected the right short railing, it's actually a storm drain under the road. I didn't see that in the morning when I started, yesterday they cut the grass, I like it better. This is the main and fastest way to the top of Haleakala, Highway 377 West, we are at 2,500 feet here. The top is 10,000 feet.

Day 5

6-19-11, Day 7, 8 to 11:30, Partly Sunny, wind picked up 9:55, van is shaking, The last thing I did was the wire in the fence. I drew it first with white chalk and dusted it off with a feather, clumps of chalk pick up paint. I finished my chem-trail painting. There is another jacaranda in full bloom 200 yards from my place, and a Polo game at 1:30.

Polo was great, I saw pros, adults and kids have their own games. Weather was perfect, friendly people and the songs between chukers (4 per game) were real old school. I checked out the new location too, it will be an after 12:00 painting.

Day 7



6-20-11, 11 x 7.5 acrylic, #980

6-20-11, I did a charcoal drawing of the Liquor Shack Jacaranda on an 11 x 7.5 panel, at home I added the sky and some of the lines in blue. That's enough for a quick start next time on location.

Day 1

Day 1

6-23-11, Day 2, my van got a water leak, the hoses are old, circa 1985. I noticed it while parking to paint yesterday. Well, that ruined the day and I left my painting equipment in the van. Today I had to walked to location carrying a little jar of water, the panel, two brushes, a round ferrule #4 syn. hog and a round ferrule flat end #4 sable. I just sat on the ground and painted for an hour and a half, I couldn't take the hard ground anymore, ran out of cigarettes and headed home. The mechanic didn't call today so I may have to do the same thing tomorrow, I'll take a pillow to sit on.

Day 2

6-27-11, Day 3. 12Pm to 3Pm. I finished it today, the wind was howling, I brought my chair and hand held the painting again. It was the only way to work and constant gusts still made it difficult. The little bit of rain about 1:00 I could handle but the wind made it rough. My Liquitex Painting medium (looks like water) kept my paint from drying out the minute I brought it to the top-outside of my safe palette box. It's a good thing I had a chin strap on my hat is all I can say. Ah, life as a location painter, ain't it grand.

This may be the last jacaranda painting of the season, this tree was the best tree I had found on Maui because it was protected from the wind, the rest are wind-blown with flowers that are mostly gone, they might come back one more time though. I added-in the girl that works there.

Day 3 Fin

A detail of the girl Mi-Suk, she's 3/4" tall in the painting and works here.

Day 3 FinGirl

I took the 7.5x5.5 acrylic painting, photographed it in the morning sun and printed it, once as a 7.5x5.5 giclee for the girl Mi-Suk and as a 22x15 giclee on canvas for my collection. I added texture with acrylic clear gel, stroke for stroke, and mounted the canvas on a masonite panel just like my paintings. The giclee uses the same pigments that I paint my full color, 3 pigment painting with and the final finish is the same water based non-yellowing polyurethane I use on my painting. The giclees and original painting will never yellow like oil will.

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