Water Color Paintings on Location

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20 Phil's Kitchen, Water Color Painting
21 Hanging Glass Ball, Water Color
22 Rainbow Eucalyptus, Water Color
23 Rainbow Eucalyptus, Haiku, Maui, Water Color
24 Phil's Path, Haiku, Maui, Water Color
48 Kipahulu Pali, Water Color, Maui
51 Water Color, Kipahulu Tiger Claw Trees
53 Water Color, Upper Kula Field w/Cows
60 Lahaina Palm 505, W/C
61 Lahaina Harbor Boat, W/C
62 Lahaina Palms, on twin Rocker, W/C
63 Lahaina, Maui, Pioneer Inn, Water Color Painting
84 Poli Poli Skyline Drive, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color
85 Poli Poli Skyline Drive, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color
86 Pukalani Silver Oak, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color
87 Punnanai Sugar Mill, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color
90 Sprecklesville Chickens, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Water Color
94 Waikani waterfall, water color, 15x22
95 Rose Vase Still Life, water color, 15x22
142 Aloha Falls, Water color
143 6000 Ft. Haleakala, 15x22 W/C
144 View From the Top, 15x22, Water Color
145 Creator View 8000 Ft, 15x22, Water Color
146 Look to West Maui, Water Color, 15x22
147 Alau Island, 15x22, Water Color
148 Sheva, water color, 5.5x7.5
149 Small Royal Palm, 22x30, water color
150 Eucalyptus Rainbow Trees, Water Color, 15x22
151 Kahakaloa Maui Windy cliff Water Color
152 4000 Ft. My Secret Spot, 22x30
153 Poli Poli Middle Road, Watercolor, 22x30
154 Huelo Ti Yellow, Water Color, 22x15
155 Kula fire Tree, 22x16, watercolor
158 Large self portrait in water color, Maui Artist
Kula Truck, #802, 6-3-92, W/c, J. Loyer owner, KulaTruck.htm
Hookipa Waves, 22x30, W/c, Gemini CP, 02-23-03, #886, hookipawaves.htm
Cuban Bananas, W/C, 03-26-03, #888, cubanbananas.htm
Yellow Tea Pot, W/C, 03-29-03, #890
Kaupo Gap, W/C, 06-17-03, #902
Water Color Test of Papers and Paint
Kapalua Bay W/c's, Maui W/c Artists, #903, #904, #905, 07-08 to 21-03,
D.T. Fleming Beach, #906, 08-27-03
Kapalua Bay Waterfall, #907, 09-07-03
Poli Poli Parasailing, #908, 09-19-03
Lahaina Carthaginian, #909, 10-16-03
Kamaoli to Kaho'olawe Is., #910, 11-16-03
Baby Brooklyn #911, 11-29-03
W/C workshop Kamaoli, 10-14-03
W/C workshop Kihei, 01-22-04
W/C Minatures, 9-30-4
W/C workshop Kihei, 02-26-05
3 Color Portraits, primaries & traditional vermilion, black and Naples yellow
DVD movie painting, W/C
Opera pigment w/c painting 4-16-10
3rd grade painting on location with only 3 transparent primary colors
Makawao Maui Jacarandas, 3 transparent primary colors, 2010
W/c, Fiberglass Paper Jacaranda and Bougainvillea, 3 primary transparent colors, 2010
Making RCW Primary Water Colors
Kaupo Mountain View
5 watercolors with tips.
7 year old painting a colorwheel with transparent primary colors
Jacaranda Makawao P.O. #986 & Lilies in Makawao #987

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