Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments CenterW Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna Top Space
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque CENTER
Yellow Oxide bottom SPACE
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent Bottom
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale

Real Color Wheel
Final - All About Color - Course
Human Proportions
Elements & Crystals of Colors
Don Jusko Logo
Real Color Wheel Main Color Page, colorwheel.htm

colour cat

It's All About Color, Paintings
RCW - Real Color Wheel

START page= art.htm. Paintings, Pigments, Media, Crystals, HEX codes, Navy if you want to leave this home painting INDEX page.
All About Color-Course The complete (final.htm) RCW color course.
View Paintings The first painting w/ tips, "66 Bananas" acrylic, #456, 01.htm
1 Artists, Dated History of the Artists, Pigments, Color Theory History and Techniques Used Throughout Time, Pigment History, Rainbow Theory, teach painting history
1 Color, Real Color Wheel, Colour Pigments, Crystal Color Wheel, Prism Colours, Color Elements, Color Ores, color theory, rainbows, Ore's Color Reactions, realcolorwheel
1 History, Comparative Advancing Art History of Pigments and Mediums, European and Asian Cultures, Art History EGYPT, Art History AEGEAN, Art History PHOENICIA, Art History GREECE, Art History MESOPOTAMIA, Art History ITALY, Art History THRACE, Art History GERMANY, Art History FRANCE
1 Location,Teaching his Drawing and paintings techniques done on location in buon fresco, water colour, oil, cera colla wax and acrylic paint. A life-time of painting.
1 Mediums, The MEDIA HISTORY of, Minerals as color, Oil Paint History, Acrylic Paint, Wax Paint, Casein Paint, Fresco Painting, Painting Mediums, COLOUR MINERALS, Color crystals, HISTORY OF COLOUR
- http://www.wikihow.com/Use-the-Real-Color-Wheel
- http://www.wikihow.com/Paint-a-Sky-Using-Acrylics
- http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Brown
- http://www.wikihow.com/Teach-a-Child-About-Mixing-Colors

First Grade children learning this Real Color Wheel in one day, Lahaina, christmascamp.htm
Third Grade children have learned how to mix any color in nature using the three transparent primaries, 3rdGradePrivateColorLesson.htm

Maile learned the primary RCW in 6 minutes, 3colorsgradeschool.htm not a painting
Seventh Grade students, Fresco Class, Waldorf School, Maui, Hawaii.
art5 htm, Computer coloring lesson, blank coloring book.
art6 htm, Maui Artist Donald Jusko location painting videos
art7 htm, Computer Coloring with the Real Color Wheel, Aerial Perspective
complementsneutral htm, Using complements to make neutral darks and shadow colors.
Don Jusko Galleries, (1976 to Today) painting only on location using the Real Color Wheel with painting tips and examples.
5 Galleries, paintings with How-To-Tips
Gallery 1, art4, Traditional academic realism with how-to tips
Gallery 2, fine, Maui Hawaii
Gallery 3, fine2, Maui Hawaii on Location Gallery
Gallery 4, fine3, Traditional academic realism
Gallery 5, fine4, Traditional academic realism
Paintings by Media Links
Links to all Acrylic paintings on location
Links to all Alkyd paintings on location
Links to all Oil paintings on location
Links to all Water Color paintings on location
Links to all Pastel paintings on location
Links to all Fresco paintings on location
Maui Magic Coloring/Painting Book

START PAINTING INDEX step-by-step start to finish.

All Paintings are done on Location, acrylic, alkyd, oil, w/c, pastel, wax, egg, fresco.

The last painting's backward links are on this "end.htm" page.
Start Chronological List of All Work.
Painting Log, 1980 to 9-9-85, sold 15 years of my work, no painting links.
01 Bananas 66, acrylic on location, 01.htm
02 Fruit Basket from Maui, acrylic painting on location, 02.htm
03 Haiku Wet Rd, pastel, 15x22, 03.htm
All pastelpaintingonlocation.htm
04 Alau Island 22x30, Hana, Maui, Acrylic on Panel, waves.htm, 04.htm
05 Hana Bay, Rope Swing, acrylic painting on location, 05.htm
06 Hana Bay Picnic Area, acrylic painting on location, 06.htm
07 Hana Hills, acrylic painting on location, 07.htm
08 Hana Mountains, acrylic painting on location, 08.htm
09 Hana Vine Tree, acrylic painting on location, 09.htm
10 Hana Alau Island Sunrise, watercolor, 15x22, 10.htm
11 Hanawai Pool W/C, 11.htm
12 Honokohau Inlet, Maui, Painting Maui Hawaii on Location, 12.htm
13 Hosmer's Grove, Maui, acrylic painting on location, 13.htm
14 Bear's tree, acrylic painting on location, 14.htm
15 Palm Fronds, 11x15, acrylic painting on location, 15.htm
16a Phil's Fern #1, Acrylic on Linen Panel, on location, 16_a.htm
16b Phil's Fern #2, 22x30, Water Color, on location, 16_b.htm
17 Phil's Palms, 22x30, Water Color, on location, forum included, 17.htm
18 Two Palms Water Color, on location, 18.htm
19 Two Firs, Acrylic on Linen Panel, on location, 19.htm
20 Phil's Kitchen, Water Color Painting, on location, 20.htm
21 Hanging Glass Ball, Water Color, on location, 21.htm
22 Rainbow Eucalyptus, Water Color, on location, 22.htm
23 Rainbow Eucalyptus, Haiku, Maui, Water Color, on location, 23.htm
24 Phil's Pathway, Huelo, Maui on location, 24.htm
25 Iao Valley Garden Steps, oil on canvas, on location, 25.htm
26 Iao Valley Palm Tree, oil on canvas
27 Kahakaloa Sunset, acrylic on location
28 Train Clause Spreckles Engine #1, Acrylic painted on location
29 Kapalua Maui, Sailboat, Acrylic on linen panel painted on location
30 Kaupo Store 1, 15x22, Acrylic on panel painted on location
31 Aloha Kaupo Church, acrylic painted on location
32 Kaupo Church with Horse, Acrylic painted on location
33 Kaupo Bromeliad, oil painted on location
34 Kaupo Store Door, Acrylic painted on location
35 Poli Poli Skyline Drive, Pastel, 11x15 painted on location
36 Kaupo Mango Tree, Acrylic painted on location
37 Kaupo Store Rainbow, Acrylic painted on location
38a Kaupo Cow, Acrylic Painting on location
38b Kaupo View of the Big Island, Acrylic Painting on location
39 Keanae Arboretum, Acrylic Painting on location
40 Keanae Outrigger, Acrylic Painting on location
41 Keanae Parking Lot, Acrylic Painting on Location
42 Keanae Silk Screen
43 Kipahulu Waterfall for Alii Waterfall, Silkscreen
44 Kipahulu 7 Pools Gate, Acrylic Painting on Location
46 Kipahulu Dock, Acrylic Painting on Location
47 Lindburgh's Church, Kipahulu, Maui, Acrylic Painting on Location
48 Kipahulu Pali, Water Color, Maui, Painting on Location
49 49 St. John's Church, Kipahulu Maui, Acrylic Painting on Location
50 Ti Plant and Dog, Kipahulu Maui, Acrylic Painting on Location
51 Water Color, Kipahulu Tiger Claw Trees
52 Pastel, Kula Jacaranda Trees, on location
53 Upper Kula Cow Field, water color on location
54 La Paruse, Maui, Acrylic Painting on Location
55 Lahaina Banyan tree, Maui, 1976 Painted on Location
56 Lahaina Jodo Mission, Acrylic Painting on Location
57 Laniopoko Park, Acrylic Painting on Location
58 Lahaina Pioneer Jim, Acrylic Painting on Location
59 Lahaina Old Prison, Acrylic Painting on Location
60 Lahaina Palm 505, W/C
61 Lahaina Harbor Boat, W/C
62 Lahaina Palms on twin Rocker, W/C on location
63 Lahaina, Maui, Pioneer Inn, Water Color Painting
64 Maliko Bay, Maui, Hawaii, Pastel - black paper, 15x22, on location
65 Fleming Beach, Maui, Hawaii, Acrylic on location
66 Nahiku Aloha Falls, Acrylic on linen panel, 22x30
67 Nahiku Aloha Falls 2, Oil Painting on Location
68 Nahiku Chicken, Acrylic on Linen Panel on location
69 Nahiku Fruit Stand in the Shade, Maui, 15x22, Oil, on location
70 Nahiku Fruit Stand in the Sun, Oil on linen panel, on location
71 Nahiku Rainbow Eucalyptus, Maui, 22x30 Acrylic Painting on Location
72 Tom's House in Nahiku, Maui, 22x30 Acrylic Painting on Location
74 Nuu Nuu Beach 1, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Acrylic Painting on Location
75 Nuu Nuu Beach 2, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Acrylic Painting on Location
76 Olawalu Beach, Maui, Hawaii, 11x15, Acrylic Painting
77 Paia in the Rain, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Acrylic Painting on Location
78 Peacock, 22x30, Acrylic Painting Painting on Location
79 Poli Poli Approach, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Acrylic Painting on Location
80 Poli Poli Fog, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Acrylic Painting on Location
81 Poli Poli Lower Road, Maui, Hawaii,15x22, Acrylic Painting on Location
82 Poli Poli Middle Road, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Acrylic Finger Painting Painting on Location
83 Poli Poli Middle Road Pink Sky, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Acrylic Painting on Location
84 Poli Poli Skyline Drive, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color Painting on Location
85 Poli Poli Skyline Drive, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color Painting on Location
86 Pukalani Silver Oak, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color Painting on Location
87 Punnanai Sugar Mill, Maui, Hawaii, Water Color Painting on Location
88 Puukaa Park Falls, Maui, Hawaii, Acrylic Painting on Location
89 South Maui Bridge, Hawaii, Acrylic painting
90 Sprecklesville Chickens, Maui, Hawaii, 22x30, Water Color, 90.htm, final.htm, art2.htm
91 Valley Harvest, Maui, Hawaii, 7.5x11, Acrylic Painting on Location
92 Wainappanapa Rabbit Rock, Maui, Hawaii,11x15, Acrylic
93 Waikani Bridge, Acrylic Painting
94 Waikani waterfall, water color,15x22
95 Rose Vase Still Life, water color, 15x22
96 Drawing the figure in 8 heads
97 Real Color Wheel Color-In Book, Iao Valley
98 gif Real Color Wheel and Color In image, Maui Hawaii
100 Self portrait, 1997, Oil, 22x30, 100.htm
101 Onion and Garlic, Pictura Translucida
102 Onion and Garlic Mastic painting, Pictura Translucida
103 Onion and Garlic, Pictura Translucida, 5.5x7.5, Mastic
104 Onion and Garlic, Pictura Translucida, 5.5x7.5, Mastic
105 Apples and Berries, Pictura Translucida, 5.5x7.5, Mastic
106 Lemon, 5.5x5.7, Pictura Translucida
107 Pictura Translucida, Three Apples and an Orange
108 Onions and Garlic 2, Pictura Translucida
109 Sprecklesville Video on Location painting image, Acrylic, 5.5x7.5
110 Alau Island, Hana, Maui, Oil Painting 22x30, 110.htm
111 Chuck's Fence, Oil Painting
112 Two Girls Oil Painting
113 Hana Bay Oil Painting, 22x30
114 Lilakuoi and Cat Oil Painting
115 Nahiku Chicken
116 Red Anthurium, Oil Painting
117 Sprecklesville Beach, Oil Painting, 22x30
117a Sprecklesville Beach Stairs, Acrylic Painting, 56x48
118 White Anthurium, Donald A. Jusko
119 Cuban Bananas, 7.5x11, Mastic
120 Hana Canoes, 22x30, Oil, 120.htm
121 Wainappanapa Cabin Trees, Oil
122 Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees,
123 Poli Poli White Tree, Acrylic
124 Aloha Waves 1, Acrylic,
125 Aloha Waves 2, 15x22, Acrylic, Painting on Location
126 Lahaina Pioneer Inn Statue, Acrylic Painting on Location
127 Sunlight Whale, 7.5x11, Acrylic, Painting on Location
128 Hana Mountains, 22x30, Acrylic, Painting on Location
129 Huelo Old Store, 22x30, Painting on Location, 129.htm
130 Kanaio Peacocks, Acrylic
131 Kapalua Sailing Boat, 15x22, Acrylic
132 Kaupo Heiau, 22x30, Acrylic
133 Lahaina, Jodo Mission, 15x22, Acrylic
134 Lahaina At Night, 12x16, Acrylic
135 Nahiku, Tom's Yard, Hz, 22x30, Acrylic
136 Nahiku, Maui, Tom's Yard Vertical, 22x30, Acrylic
137 Nahiku Landing, 15x22, acrylic
138 Aloha Nude, Sprecklesville, Maui, 5.5x7.5, Acrylic
139 Nuu Nuu Beach, 22x30, Acrylic, 139.htm
140 Scarlet Macaw, 15x22, Acrylic
141 Poli Poli Entrance, 22x30, Acrylic
142 Aloha Falls, Water color
143 6000 Ft. Haleakala, 15x22 W/C
144 View From the Top, 15x22, Water Color, Painting on Location
145 Creator View 8000 Ft, 15x22, Water Color
146 Look to West Maui, Water Color, 15x22
147 Alau Island, 15x22, Water Color
148 Sheva, water color, 5.5x7.5
149 Small Royal Palm, 22x30, water color
150 Eucalyptus Rainbow Trees, Water Color, 15x22
151 Kahakaloa Maui Windy cliff, Water Color
152 4000 Ft. My Secret Spot, 22x30
153 Poli Poli Middle Road, Watercolor, 22x30
154 Huelo Ti Yellow, Water Color, 22x15
155 Kula fire Tree, 22x16, watercolor
156 Keanae Bridge Serigraph, 22x30
157 Alii Water Fall, Serigraph
158 Self portrait in Water Color, Maui Artist, 1974
159 Self portrait 1985, Acrylic 11x15
160 Lahaina Church 10:00 Mass, Acrylic, 22x15
161 Coconut, oil 5.5x7.5, 161coconut.htm
162 Piero's Steps Acrylic, 162kaupopierosteps.htm
163 Lahaina Cane House Copal Medium, 163lahainacanehouse.htm
Kula Truck, #802, 6-3-92, W/c, KulaTruck.htm
Lahaina Church, Acrylic, 22x15, lahainachurch.htm
Lindbergh Church 3-24-00 acrylic, lindberghpainting.htm
Giggle Hill using black pigment, gigglehillblk.htm
Mango on Silver Plate, Acrylic Painting, mango.htm
Photo Complement examples, magentagreenpath.htm
3 Alkyd Paintings, alkyd.htm
Coconut and Rose Apples, coconut.htm
2 Silver Cups, alkyd painting, 2cups.htm
Nahiku, Path to the Sun, Alkyd painting, nahikupathtosun.htm
*Still in "Categories of Paintings" in the INDEX
Making Waves, Drawing & Painting Waves, waves.htm
More on waves, waves1.htm
Nahiku Landing Waves, nahikulanding.htm
Water Diamonds, nahikulandingwaterdiamond.htm
Hookipa Waves, 22x30 w/c, Gemini CP, 02-23-03, #886, hookipawaves.htm
*Aerial Perspective Palette for Painting
Aerial Perspective Palette, aerialperspectivepalette.htm
Acrylic Trompel-Oeil Mural, Acrylic, trompel-oeil.htm
Pictura Translucida, oil/mastic transparent painting, picturatranslucida.htm
Pictura Translucida 2, picturatranslucida2.htm
Transparent oil painting on tin, picturatranslucidabrasspot.htm
Picturatranslucida Lesson, transparent pigments, picturatranslucidalesson.htm
Daisy's Tree in Hana, Maui, acrylics, daisytree.htm
Piero's Steps Kaupo Maui, Acrylic, kaupopierosteps.htm
Lahaina Cane House, Copal, lahainacanehouse.htm
Nahiku Porch in the Rain, Acrylic, nahikuporch.htm
Painting fast in oil, Nahiku, Tom's Driveway Down, nahikutomdrivedown.htm
*Cera Colla, 1 link
Cera Colla, Cold Wax Medium, history- Egyptian, make it at home, examples, ceracolla.htm
Oluwalu Coast Rocks, showing complementary colors, acrylic, oluwalurocks.htm
Sugar Cane Hand Cut, acrylic, canehandcut.htm
Hosmer, Paint the Bird Before It Flies Away, acrylic, hosmergrovecardinal.htm
Lahaina, Wainee St., Waioli Church, acrylic, lahwaineechurch.htm
Lahaina's Old Prison, acrylic, 30"x40", lahainaprison.htm
Poli Poli Orange Rust Scrub, acrylic, poliorangerustscrub430.htm
*Human Proportions
Human Proportions, human.htm, not a painting
Self Portraits, age, 62 & 70, acrylic, meonchalk.htm
2 Children's Fantasy Portraits, Wax and Mastic Grisaille, kianabreeaportrait.htm
Life Painting, acrylic, a Girl Sunning on a Kaupo Bench, 11-19-02, kaupogirlbench.htm
My Friend Jo's House at Night, Ohau, 15x22 acrylic, johousenite.htm
*Jacaranda Trees, 29 Links, 2002 to 2012
Jacaranda, Makawao, 2,500' 15x22 acrylic, jacaranda.htm
Science City and photos, acrylic, creator.htm
Jacaranda, 4,000', 15x22 acrylic, jacaranda2.htm
Jacaranda, 3,500', 11x15, oil, jacaranda3.htm
Nahiku Rain Flowers, 7.5x11, acrylic, 7-09-02, #870, nahikuflowers.htm
Hana Fountain, 11x15, acrylic, 7-10-02, #871, hanafountain.htm
*Villa Tamiranda, Kaupo
Piero's Villa Tamiranda, Kaupo, 22x30, acrylic, #873, villatamiranda.htm
Villa Tamiranda, Kaupo Girl on a Bench, acrylic, kaupogirlbench.htm
*East Coast, 1st trip to Upper N.Y.
Ontario Red Barn, 11x15, acrylic, #874, ontariobarn.htm
Ontario Little Salmon River, New York, 11x15, acrylic, #875, ontariostream.htm
Brother Rick Jusko's 17th Hole, acrylic, 7.75 x 9.75, 08-22-02, #876, bridgewater17th.htm
Reflections, reflections.htm, not a painting
Cousin Victor's '57 Corvette,16x22, acrylic, 08-27-02, #877, corvette.htm
*Back on Maui
Hana Dirt Road, 36x42, acrylic, #872, hanadirtroad.htm
Kihei, Chuck's Fence, 15x22, acrylic, kiheichucksfence.htm
Kaupo Heiau, 22x30 acrylic, kaupoheiau.htm
Kula Bananas and Straw Hat, 5.5x7.5 acrylic, 11-06-02, #878, kulabananahat.htm
Kula Bananas Hanging in a Lychee tree, 11x15 acrylic, 11-08-02, #879, kulabananalycheetree.htm
Nahiku New Porch with Banana Stalk, 15x22, acrylic, 11-26-02, #881, nahikunewporch.htm
Kaupo Christmas Party House, 22x30, acrylic, 12-12-02, #884, kaupomagentahouse.htm
Kaupo Eggs and Pepper, 5.5x7.5, acrylic, 12-28-02, #885, kaupoeggspepper.htm
Christmas Dinner on Location, a collection of artists, christmasonlocation.htm
Makana Bay Party for Dennis, 5-27-02, makanabay.htm
Hookipa Waves, 22x30 w/c on Gemini CP, 02-23-03, #886, hookipawaves.htm, original link
Strawberry Alkyd Picturatranslucida painting, 03-06-03, #887, strawberry.htm
Cuban Bananas, W/C, 03-26-03, #888, cubanbananas.htm
Silver Oak and Jacaranda Trees, 03-27-03, #889, acrylic, silveroakjacaranda.htm
Yellow Tea Pot, Kaupo, 03-29-03, #889a, W/C, kaupoyellowteapot.htm
Jacaranda Trees, 2003, Kula, 04-11-03, #890, acrylic, jacarandakula2003.htm
*Perspective, Lineal
Saint James the Less, #891, Perspective, 04-25-03, ulupalakuachurch.htm
Jacaranda Trees, Keokea, #895, 05-02-03, acrylic, jacarandakeokea.htm
Keokea Jacaranda to West Maui, #897, 05-21-03, acrylic, jacarandalong.htm
*Perspective, Lineal, Terrestrial
Mary Queen of Angles, #898, 05-27-03, acrylic, Perspective, keokeachurch.htm
*Painting with Knives
Painting Knife, #892, #893, #894, #896, 895, oil, paintingknife.htm
Continue Knife Painting, Jacaranda Tree, 05-28-03, #899, jacaranda5.htm
Oil Palette Layout for Painting Knife, oilknifepalette.htm
Puuiki Church of Saint James, Hana, Acrylic, #900, 06-10-03, puuikichurch.htm
Kaupo, Aloha Church, Acrylic, #901, 06-13-03 & 11-10-89, Painting # 497, kaupoalohach.htm
Kaupo Gap, Water Color, #902, 06-17-03, from Piero's, kaupogapwc.htm
Parkhurst 1900 Oil Techniques, right and wrong, parkhurstupdate.htm, not a painting
Maui Watercolor Artists, #903, #904, #905, 07-08-to-21-03, kapaluabay.htm
D.T. Fleming Beach, W/C, #906, 08-27-03, dtfleming.htm
Kapalua Bay Waterfall, bar, W/C, #907, 09-08-03, kapaluawaterfall.htm
Poli Poli Parasailing, w/c, #908, 09-19-03, polipoliparasailing.htm
Lahaina Carthaginian, w/c, #909, 10-16-03, lahainacarthaginian.htm
*Painting Workshops, Kamoli, Kihei, Napili
Kamaoli to Kaho'olawe Is. #910, 11-16-03, Grandma's Coffee House Workshop, kamaolikahoolawe.htm, not a painting
Baby Brooklyn, W/C, #911, 11-29-03, brooklynbaby.htm
Chemical Colors, Manufacture's color choices, Why the RCW works, RCWDS.htm, not a painting
Kihei W/C Workshop 1, primary color painting, kiheiworkshop1.htm, not a painting
Napili Workshop, primary color painting, napiliworkshop.htm, not a painting
Join, Fresco Forum Page, forumpaintingonlocation.htm
Pre-Fresco Links
View the Forum, Q&A (forumpaintingonlocation.htm) 1
Fresco INDEX (fresco.htm) 2, these Fresco links only
Fresco Supplies from Zecchi, Florence (frescosupplies.htm) 3
Metal Lath and Aggregates, compare supports (frescolathsandtest.htm) 4
Make Fresco Forms and molds (frescoformswires.htm) 5
6 Color blends chart (fresco6colorblends.htm) 6
30 Color Chart, Fresco & Secco (fresco3colorchart.htm) 7
37 Color Chart, Buon & Secco pigment (frescopigments.htm) 8
Testing blue pigments with lime (fresco8limeeffectingpigments.htm) 8a
fresco12 white under duracell (fresco12whiteunderduracell.htm) 9
Color chart, Main Blends, Mortar Pressure Shine (fresco5maincolorchart.htm) 10
Fresco 3 Primary Colors test (fresco4test3colors.htm) 11
Alcohol, Ammonia, Egg, Casein, Results (fresco7alcammeggcas.htm) 12
Making Lime Mortar - White Cement Mortar, Paint Tests (frescomortarBaseRCW.htm) 13
Mortar Hardness, Alum (fresco9mortarhardness.htm) 14
Intonaco Time & ThicknessTests, Bird Paridise (frescointonacotimetest.htm) 15
Giornate cuts, what you can't finish in a day, you cut away. (fresco11giornatecuts.htm) 16
Making Plexiglas Fresco Trowels (frescomakingtrowels.htm) 17
Traveling fresco palette (fresco15travpalette.htm) 18
Start Buon Fresco Painting Tests
Half Size Bella Fresco (fresco1basrelief.htm) 19
Fresco and Secco together, Little Bella (fresco2bellasecco.htm) 20
Pigment UltBlue, Applied w/ Casein, Water, Lime Water, Wet Scrubbed (fresco10mediumscrub.htm) 21
Titanium undercoat, 3 primary colors, Duracell fresco (fresco12whiteunderduracell htm) 22
Tomatoes, red to magenta color tests (fresco13tomatoesredmagenta.htm) 23
John's fresco portrait 1 (fresco14john1portrait.htm) 24
John's fresco portrait 2 (fresco16john2portrait.htm) 25
Cad Red, Yellow, Titanium White, Green Earth Test (frescoredyelwhtgrtest.htm) 26
Color Tests on Green Earth (frescogreenearthcolortest.htm) 27
Test, blue colors, absorption times (frescolimecolorabsorption.htm) 28
End Tests, Start Buon Fresco Paintings
INDEX yellow bkg., same as this one, Fresco Painting on Location (frescopaintingonlocation.htm) 29
Anita Rodriguez-Wakelin, President of the Fresco Society (frescoonionstrawberry.htm) 30
Link Index & Four Buon Fresco Paintings (frescopaintings.htm) 31
Seven Frescos, Little Gymnast, Self Portraits (frescopaintings2.htm) 32
Four Frescos, Development History, Orange and Frame (frescopaintings3.htm) 33
Remove Calcium Carbonate Crust, 6 Frescos (frescopaintings4.htm) 34
Aureola Cherries, 3 Peppers, 2 Peppers, Waldorf School (frescopaintings5.htm) 35
NY Mural, Eagle - Gladiolas, Return to Maui, Fresco Links. (frescopaintings6.htm) 36
Odd Fruits, Yellow Lilies, Brass Urn, Fresco Links (frescopaintings7.htm) 37
Water Color Miniatures, wckeihistilllifes.htm (wckeihistilllifes.htm) 00
My top of the line, Red Wine Bottle & 2 glasses, Cera Colla Shine (frescopaintings8.htm) 38
Five Bromeliads, Two Passion Fruit (frescopaintings9.htm) 39
Hala Fruit, Red Hibiscus (frescopaintings10.htm) 40
PR122 arrived, DVD movie, primary colors, Latour wine (frescopaintings11.htm) 41
Compare open time, white cement and lime mortar, DVD Fresco Flowers (frescopaintings12.htm) 42
Waldorf School Buon Fresco
INDEX blue bkg., same as this one, Fresco Painting on Location (frescopaintingsonlocation.htm) 43
Teaching Fresco to 7th Grade, Waldorf School, Maui, Day1, Making Mortar (frescowaldorfschool1.htm) 44
Students Making Trowels and Laying Mortar, Waldorf School Day 2, Rough Coat (frescowaldorfschool2.htm) 45
Students showing finished 8x8 buon frescos, Waldorf School Day 3 (frescowaldorfschool3.htm) 46
All Waldorf School Student pictures and 12x12 Frescos (frescowaldorfschool4.htm) 47
NY 2nd trip, 82x155 Buon Fresco Mural
Water Color Pigments on Bas-relief Buon Fresco (fresco1littlesalmon.htm) 48
Two Full Color Acrylic Painting as Scaled Fresco Cartoon (fresco1acrylicpainting.htm) 49
12x25 fresco scale model (fresco1mexico12x25.htm) 50
82x155 fresco preparation, with Links (fresco1mexico82x155.htm) 51
82x155 buon fresco NY mural, base, start painting, 6-29-4 (fresco1mural-baseRCW.htm) 52
Photo of work materials, Four giornate, 82x155 buon fresco mural, 7-10-4 (fresco1mural2.htm) 53
Three giornate, 82x155 buon fresco mural, 7-17-4 to 7-24-4 (fresco1mural3.htm) 54
Three primary color, four giornate, 82x155 buon fresco mural, 8-8-4 Finished (fresco1mural4.htm) 55
*Maroger's Medium
Maroger's Medium, Black Oil Painting, 3 colors, Hana, maroger.htm
*Night Painting
Night Paintings, Opaque palette and 3 colors, nightpainting.htm
*Painting with 3 Transparent Primary Colors
Egg Tempera Paintings, three colors, eggtempera.htm
Kaupo Heart, Maroger Media, 3 colors, kaupoheart.htm
3 primary color painting with copal medium, annabouquet.htm
3 primary color night painting with copal medium, lahainatreenite.htm
3 primary colors Kihei Workshop 2 W/C, kiheiworkshop2.htm, not a painting
Ancient Tea Ceremony, acrylic, for DVD MOVIE ON ORDERPAGE, tea.htm
3 Color w/c Portraits, primaries only and classical, vermilion, blk, Naples yellow, 3colorportraits.htm
Lahaina Cannons, Acrylic, lahainacannons.htm
Jacarandas 2005, 6 paintings, Wax and Mastic, jacaranda1st2005.htm
Mike's Kula House yellow, 2005, 5 paintings, Acrylic, W/c's, mastic/wax, jacaranda2nd2005pg2.htm
Jacarandas 2005, June, Oil, Acrylic and W/C's, page 3, jaca05jun.htm
Nahiku Red Anthuriums, Copal Medium - Magenta Bougainvillias, Maroger Medium, DVD MOVIE ON ORDERPAGE, nahikuredanthuriums.htm
*Opera, a New Pigment Color
Opera Magenta Pigment, WC. opera1.htm
*Intarsia, Cut Precious Rock Paintings (not mine)
Intarsia, painting with colored precious rocks, intarsia.htm
Complements of Nature, complementsofnature.htm, not a painting
Nahiku Maui W/C painting, DVD MOVIE ON ORDERPAGE, nahikudrivewayDVDwc.htm
Nahiku Porch, 2 artists, acrylic and oil, nahikuporchacr.htm
RCW plotter, transparent yellow ink, rcwplotter.htm, not a painting
Jacaranda Season 2006, acrylic, Mike's blue, jacarandamike2006.htm
Jacaranda Season #953, 2009, 15x22 acrylic, jacaranda2009lowerkula.htm
Villa Tamarinda Palm, acrylic, kaupodonlaurinpalm.htm
My own Series, Kalish B2, Short, Chisel, Flat end hair, brusheskalish.htm, not a painting
mybrushes.htm, not a painting
My favorite Series of Brushes, brushes.htm, not a painting
*Giclee Prints
Maui on Location Giclee Gallery1, gicleemaui.htm
Maui on Location Giclee Gallery2, gicleemaui2.htm
Paunani Sugar Mill, paunanimill.htm
Print Real Color Wheel, RCWtablemap.htm, not a painting
RCW Pen Tablet Palette printable, rcwpentablet.htm, not a painting
*Colored Pencils
Prismacolor pencils mounted on the Real Color Wheel, pencils.htm, not a painting
*Computer Color-in book w/ 35 linked pages of Maui
A Colorin-Painting-Tour Book of Maui with 35 on location pattern outlined drawings. colorbook.htm
A color-in RCW palette for color-in pages. jpg.htm, not a painting
*Jacaranda Paintings 2007
Two Jacaranda paintings, 2007, jacarandacentury2007.htm
Jacaranda and Holy Ghost Church, acrylic, 5-20-07, jacarandaholy2007.htm
Jacaranda Kula Post Office, jacarandakulapostoffice2007.htm
Pumpkin Patch 2007, oil crayons, NY, pumpkinmexico2007.htm
*Oil Pigments, START=RCW#0, 0White.htm Index to 36GreenGold.htm, 1 of 36 color links.
Oil Pigments, 0 White, 0white.htm, PIGMENT COLORS not a painting, 1 of 36 colors
*Oil Pigments, Yellow Darkens to Brown, Cyan Darkens to Blue
Oil Pigments, Indian Yellow Dry Pigment Water Mulled, indianyellowtobrownPY153.htm, 3 of 7 Indian Yellows not a painting
*Oil Pigments, END=RCW#36, 36GreenGold.htm 36 of 36 painting colors.
Oil Pigments, 36 GreenGold, rcwgreengold.htm, not a painting, 36 of 36 painting colors
*Night Painting w/c
Night Watercolors starting in 1988, watercolors.htm
Jacaranda Painting 2008
Jacaranda at Seabury Hall, Makawao, Maui, HI, 7-3-8, 15x11, #952, acrylic, jaca2008SeaBgym.htm
Jacaranda at Makawao Library, Maui, HI, #951, 5-25-08, 11x15 acrylic, jacaranda2008makaLibrary.htm
*Turpentine vs Petroleum
An unbiased test of Gamsol petroleum, gamsol.htm, not a painting
Opera w/c painting, operamagentasilk-greencarnations-wc11x15.htm
3 Jacarandas, Water Color, 2010, 3 primary colors, 30x22, Jacaranda2010MakawaoPO3color.htm
Jacaranda Bougainvillea, 2010, 3 Primary colors, water color, 6-11-10, 30x22, #964, Jacaranda2010bogi.htm
5 Maui painting never recorded, tomsdriveway-pierosview.htm
King and Queen in the W. Maui Mountains, oil, 10-3-10, #968 (+) Yellow Flowers, #970 10-12-10, 11x7.5, oil on panel, pukalanijuliehouseview9-2010.htm
*3 Primary Color Painting, full color
Protea Dried 3 Primary Colors, water color, 30x22, #969, proteadriedwc.htm
Artwork of a Florida RCW teacher, Christopher Cardot, christopheRCWpainting.htm
Christophe on Maui, 9-18-14, christopheRCWpainting2.htm
Painting a RCW with 3 colors, RCWcolorin.htm
Pukalani Anthurium, #971, Turtle, #972, 10-14-10, Watercolor Arches HP, pukalaniCypressAnthuriumTurtle.htm
Kaupo, Villa Tamarinda Parking Lot, acrylic, 2010, #974, KaupoTamarindaVilla.htm
Jacaranda 2011, Water Color, #975, jacaranda2011wc.htm
Jacaranda 2011, #976w/Julie, #979chem-trail, #980liqshack, jacaranda2011acr.htm
Ulapalakua Ranch Store, acr #977, ulapalakuastore.htm
Polli's Makawao Restaurant, acrylic #978, pollisrestaurant2011.htm
Shower Tree Next Door (yellow) Day 7x5 acr#982, Nit 15x11 acr#893, showertreenextdoor.htm
Jacaranda Tree (blue-violet) LKula Rd, 15x11, acrylic #984, jacaranda2012.htm
Silver Oak (orange) LKula Rd acrylic #985, jacaranda2012.htm
Jacaranda Makawao P.O. #986 & Lilies in Makawao #987, jacaranda2012WCMakawaoPO.htm
5 Proteas, acrylic painting and oil painting, 2011-2012, #988, 5proteas.htm
Two Portraits, Oil, Irene Front View, 2012, Oil, 8"x10", #989 -
Irene Hannah Side View, Oil, 9-7-12, #991, portrait2012.htm
Acrylic, Backyard Flowers, Oil, 7"x9", #990, Acrylic990Flowers.htm
Tartrazine, Opera, Cyan, 3 color WC paintings w/ Irene, #992, 5-14-13, tartrazineOperaWCpainting5-14-13.htm
Jacaranda 2013, Makawao School Crossing, Acrylic #994, Jacaranda2013MakawaoSchoolCrossing.htm
4 New Pastel Paintings on Location, #956 1-17-10, #957 1-26-10 - #958 2-3-10 - #959 2-18-10
5 Orchids, 12x16, Pastel Cattleya Orchid, #995
Jacaranda at Kula Glen, #996, 2014, Acrylic, 22x15, jacaranda2014kulaglen5-5-14.htm
4 Pastel Proteas, pastelproteaEha5-10-14 htm, #997, pastelproteaEha5-10-14.htm
Pink Tahoma Tree, Eha, Makawao, 8-17-14, #998, pinktreeeha.htm

Tom's Velvet Carpet w/ Chickens, acrylic, 7.5"x11", #999, nahiku9-27-14.htm
Don & Tom Throwdown1, throwdown1_9-29-14.htm
#1000, Cutting Board w/ Pineapple & Strawberry Guavas, acrylic, 11"x7.5", nahiku9-25-14.htm. 10-2-14
Dancing Chicken, 22"x15", 9-30-14, #1001
Blue Vase & Tropical Flowers, acrylic,11"x15", #1002, nahiku9-25-14.htm

Aloha Falls in Nahiku, acrylic, 15"x11", good pool reflections, alohafalls.htm
Black Colloidal Iron, Refinishing Cast Iron Cookware, colloidaliron.htm
Code Color Name & Numbers, codenamenumbercolors.htm
36 Real Color Wheel Pigments, rcwpigments.htm
Real Color Wheel Pigments, pigments.htm
Piiholo Ranch Pavilion Wagon Wheel, 2 miles from my home in Makawao, acrylic, 15"x11", #1003
First Jacaranda Blooming on Maui, 2015, acrylic, 22x15, #1004
Nahiku from Emily's Porch, 4-22-15, acrylic, 11x15, #1005
Next Door at Night, 6-29-15, acrylic, 11x15, #983
Rembrandt Color Style, Self Portrait, 6-29-15, Oil, 11x15, #1006
Two Portraids, Two Lights, warm & cool, acrylic, 11x15, #1007, 9-13-15
Tom's House in Nahiku, Acrylic, 30x22, #1008
silverchalice.htm, 11x15, acrylic on aluminium, scratched-sanded, no color, #1009, 1-22-16
TomsTreesMorning3-29-16.htm, #1010, #1011, #1012, Acrylic, 15"w22"h, 4-5-16.
RCWone-up.htm (The Front and Back of a laminated Real Color Wheel.)
Don's still-life in Nahiku #1013
Nahiku Ferns #1014
#1015, jacarandafirehousekula2016.htm Acrylic in Kula, 15x22
End Chronological List of paintings on location and information pages.
END PAGE Has backward links toward the first painting. It only shows the last few painting worked on but the "Previous" button each page will link all the way back to the first painting w/ tips, "66 Bananas" acrylic, #456, 01.htm

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